Our History

Lignum Forest Products and its predecessor companies have been involved in the wood products industry since 1946.

Lignum Limited, a privately-held forest products company was originally created by Leslie Kerr in 1946 with a mill in Williams Lake and sales office in Vancouver, BC.

Leslie Kerr led the company for 26 years, until 1972 when his son Jake Kerr took over as Chairman and CEO. Jake ran Lignum thru to 2004 when the company merged with Riverside Forest Products in March of 2004.

A key element of both Leslie and Jake Kerr’s business ethic was the establishment and maintenance of close working relationships with individuals and other businesses.

From the outset, the success of Lignum has depended on the people employed by the company. Lignum’s sales staff, which has often led the way in the distribution and marketing of forest products, combined with a strong management team has guided the company through some of the most challenging times the industry has faced.

The principles upon with Lignum was founded, and upon which it has grown and thrived have created a unique company that has achieved many successes over the years.